Little Updates…

are all I can afford for now as I still can’t browse the net using my laptop. Hence, I can’t blog that much too and so as much as I want to reply to all your comments, I can’t. I’m using my desktop now and I am pressed for time. I just need to check mails from time to time and I’m always in hurry. Hay naku.

Anyway, got loads of update. Finalized na the theme for the party. We are giving in. After all, its our daughter’s party and I can’t take that away from her – choosing the theme that is. You see, when we were at my party organizer’s office, she changed her mind about the ballerina party and wanted Nemo again. So I said, be it. She’ll be happy the most with a Nemo theme party I bet and as a parent, that’s what I want so I am giving it to her. :)

I’m getting pretty excited with the party. Can’t wait! I hope my new found party organizer will deliver. Based from the lay-out they gave me for the decor, its going to be really nice. *crossfingers*


My little boy is starting to sleep through the night, yahoo!!!! At six weeks, he sleeps at 9:30pm and wakes up to feed at around 2am. Wakes up at 6am then to feed again. Oh, I didn’t expect it to be this easy if you know what I mean. He has grown terribly big too by the way. Will post a pic of him soon. He’s such a cutie (this is my blog so I can say what I want) and so puti!


I am addicted to online shopping and Royce Chocolates lately and I need to stop – pronto! Last Tuesday, went to Powerplant Mall with Sophia (we were on a date, just the two of us) to look for some discount furniture I can score but instead I got 6 boxes of Nama chocolates before leaving. Race kami ni Jon sa pagkain when I got home, bwahaha. I swear, I’m so fat now. Need to lose weight in time for the party!


That’s it for now. Need to give the little boy a bath. He just woke up!

No reason to question.

Yesterday, I was killing time reading articles at a very popular entertainment site. I read up on a noontime TV host’s interview and was surprised to learn that he is diagnosed to have heart problems and intestinal disorder. You see, his noontime show is the only show I watch when I have time as I find him very funny. I also love how he interacts with the game contestants on his show. Despite being branded a playboy, he seem to be really nice.

As I went on reading the article about him where he revealed that he has actually drafted his last will and testament, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. If ever, he’s going to die alone. He has four children but none are with him. In the article, he seem to just take pleasure putting his hard earned money to good use, buying properties here and there. He obviously has a lot as he revealed some of them during the interview. What shocked me though was when he said that, he hopes his kids and other family members won’t take offense that some people who are in his last will and testament are not even family members but rather friends who have one way or another touched his life and were there for him when he was down. I think its good that as early as now he revealed such thing as if he doesn’t, some might question his will if ever. I have heard so many stories of wills being questioned and challenged which is why there is quite a popular demand for a san francisco probate attorney these days.

I wonder if you know who I am talking about.  Go to

Our afternoons…

are spent in the garden goofing around, playing, eating and what-have-you’s. Opps, and walking the dogs too! Sophia owns a chihuahua that she loves to bits while the husband now owns a Mini Bull Terrier. This dog looks like a pig I’m telling you which is why we named him Porky, LOL! I will post a photo of him soon.

**The husband’s fascination over his show quality Labrador faded early and decided to send the dog to his mom’s place. The dog was big kasi.

Anyway, here’s the little girl with her dad one lazy afternoon.


a dog?!?!?!


You all know I’m not fond of dogs, right? The husband is though. He is out right now meeting up a friend to get a Miniature Bull Terrier. Whatta?!?!?!?!?!

This is WAR.

If you’re wondering, here’s how the dog looks like. I actually just googled some pics.

tagaytay highlands membership

What do you think of Tagaytay Highlands now? Is it still worth buying a membership share there? I haven’t been there for ages so I really don’t know if its still as nice although friends still have the nicest things to say about the place. Well, members kase sila hahaha. Biased, maybe? Give me your thoughts nga. We are “considering” it eh, so we’ll have a weekend getaway place every now and then. I’m sure the little girl will have fun there, don’t you think?

two and a half men

This has been keeping Jon and my nights busy lately. We’re laughing our butts off, I swear. “Halakhak” to the max talaga. It’s really hilarious! If you want a good laugh, watch it.

tv time

The husband is going home early today. It’s Saturday and he’s expecting heavy traffic that’s why. I can’t wait to watch Stairway to Heaven (rerun at QTV) with him later. It’s our fave Koreanovela of all time and it doesn’t fail to make us kilig everytime we watch it. Talk about being pathetic and mababaw! LOL. Well, we are! ;p
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