Ashton’s 1st Birthday.

Our inaanak, Ashton, celebrated his 1st birthday last Sunday. The driver was out that day and Jon had to go somewhere first for something important (car matters again as I overheard him talk about car grilles with a friend over the phone) so I had to drive the kids all the way to QC for the party. Good thing it was a Sunday and traffic was bearable at SLEX. Jon just met us at the party venue and he gave me the surprise of a lifetime! Literally, my jaw dropped! Why? I think I have to keep it to myself this time. :D

Anyway, here are some party photos.

Mateo with the birthday boy
ashton's 1st birthday

Me and the kids
ashton's 1st birthday

The little boy snoozing
ashton's 1st birthday

The kids
ashton's 1st birthday

My long drive was worthit as Sophia was reunited with her best friend and both had the time of their lives participating in all the party games.  They took home most of the prizes too! My little boy, on the other hand, was such an angel again. Didn’t even cry even if we stayed past his bedtime already.

On the way home, we rode with the daddy as the driver came to pick up the car I used. Buti na lang. :)


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