Sophia’s disney crocs …

now looks like this…
Ain’t they just the cutest?!? Sige na, please say yes. Ang mahal eh! I got to pay already before even thinking, darn! (I’m talking about the pins at P210 each!)

what i’ve been watching

I’m having a Grey’s Anatomy (season 3) marathon and I just finished watching episode 15 or is it 16? It’s the episode where Cristina was pertaining to Meredith as her “person”. It just got me thinking who “my person” is or if I even have one? Hmmm.
I was able to watch Paolo Bediones on Showbiz Central last Sunday where he admitted regretting letting a certain ex-gf named Annabelle go. I found it really so brave of him to even admit that until this day, there’ll be times that he’d dream about her and just wake up in the middle of the night crying. Sniff sniff. This girl he’s referring to by the way is getting married. Sniff sniff some more. He referred to her as “the one that got away.” He went on saying if only he did his part and followed her in Canada, he could have a family of his own now. Hay, buhay nga naman. It got me thinking again though, do I have what ifs in my life too?
I came across through Jade’s blog and I’m loving it! Thanks, Jade! I was able to watch A Millionaire’s First Love and I’m eager to watch some more Korean Movies there, for free :)

HK Disneyland the second time around

We were back at the “happiest place on earth” exactly a year after our first visit. It was just coincidence, really. Didn’t plan on it. I just remembered when we got our tickets already. The little girl had so much fun and really enjoyed this time compared to our visit last year. That’s why if you ask me, better to bring kids there when they are 2yo and above na :) Not only was the little girl able to enjoy the rides, she was also able to enjoy the shows, the merry sorroundings/atmosphere, walking around on her own, and everything else!
We left the house at 5:30am for our 8am PAL flight. We were at the airport a few minutes before 6am. My whole family and a few other relatives were inside already checking-in. All went well naman with airport procedures, no glitches or anything. Flight was on time too. Here’s Sophia while waiting for boarding….

We reached HK airport a few minutes before 10am. It was drizzling when we arrived. Airport procedures were a breeze. No problem at all. Our picture while waiting for our bus…

We were picked up by a bus and we reached Parklane Hotel in Causeway Bay around 12:20pm. Checked in and bought food for lunch at the grocery store beside our hotel. This is the very reason we keep going back to this hotel, it’s very near everything we need. Although in this part of HK, walang “tiangge”, mostly are malls, a lot of malls sprouting everywhere. I’m not fond naman of tiangge especially Jon so this is really the place for us. We took a rest after eating lunch since we were all really tired as we all woke up so early. And since it was still raining, we slept first.

By 4pm, we trooped to Windsor House, the mall right across our hotel. This mall has mostly stuff for kids. It also houses toys r us and babies r us, which I both love :) Here’s Sophia’s picture after leaving the counter. She was crying while we were paying for her toys. Just look how she carries the heavy plastic on her own, funny! Mukhang manang, LOL.

The next day, it was still drizzling :( We had buffet breakfast at the hotel, sumptuous as always. Sophia loved the pork liver congee there. Sarap sarap. Jon feasted on their yummy pork siomai.

Although Jon, Sophia and I didn’t have plans to go to Ocean Park, my cousins (kids) were raving to go. Good thing, the rain stopped by noon so off they all went. Jon, Sophia and I headed to Times Square naman for more shopping. We took a cab though even if it’s just around 5 minutes away by walking since we were with Sophia. We were charged 27HKD on the way there, 30HKD on the way back to the hotel. We spent the whole afternoon at Times Square. We went back to the hotel by 6pm. Jon and Sophia slept after dinner while I did some more shopping with my family. Shopping galore, promise :) We got back around 11pm already. Hay, super tired, my feet were aching na. Jon woke up when I came in and he voluntered to clean the bottles while I do the packing because we are tranferring the next morning to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. I slept at around 12:30am since I had a lot of packing to do.

By 8am, we were all at the hotel lobby waiting for our bus. And the guide was right on time. Good thing we managed to wake up early. We woke up 6am and had breakfast by 7am. We arrived at Hollywood Hotel around 9am and we were able to check-in. Rooms were already ready when we went there. I suppose they’re not as jam-pack anymore as they used to be. The last time we were there, 12pm pa talaga check-in, others with no kids, later pa since no rooms were available. But this time was different, we were able to check asap and by 10am, we were already at Disneyland :) Picture galore, take a look.

Sophia was so happy to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and all the other Disney characters. We trooped to the Royal Banquet Hall for lunch and off we went around the park after eating. Sophia loved loved loved the Winnie the Pooh ride, ako din super enjoy, LOL. It was really FUN. She also rode the carousel to which she blurted, “Daddy, buy carousel” after the ride, LOL.

Jon and I were such happy parents seeing our little girl enjoying and appreciating Disneyland already. Last year kase, di pa masyado. What more pa kaya next year noh?
The three of us went back to the hotel around 6pm after eating early dinner at Maxim’s Resto inside the park. We were dead tired na so we opted not to wait for the fireworks show anymore.

The next day, we had breakfast at Chef Mickey and Sophia had so much fun eating the Mickey Mouse waffles. She was telling me she was eating Mickey Mouse’s ears as she takes a bite, LOL. Hay, simple joys of both kids and parents talaga :) Here’s our pic while having breakfast…

We went back to the park after breakfast for last minute pasalubongs and we ate lunch again there too. We went back to the hotel right on time for our pick up for the ariport at 3pm. Again, the bus was on time :) We arrived at the airport roughly after 30 mins. We were able to do a little more shopping since we were early for our 6pm flight. Nag starbucks pa nga kami eh. By 6pm, we were aboard the airplane already. By 8pm, nasa PAL airport na. And this is where our agony begun ….

To Jen, read on. Why I hate PAL airport? Here it goes. As we arrived and was on our way to the immigration, grabe, the place was sooo crowded. Dun pa lang sa stairs on the way down, it was like a market. We managed to make our way to the immigration only to find out, the place was jam-packed. Ang gulo! It took us about an hour to get pass the immigration. After that, I was saying, “finally”. I thought the agony was over only to get disappointed again, BIGTIME. As we proceeded to the luggage claim area (ano bang tawag dun?), we immediately saw Sophia’s stroller and one of our luggage. And the others? We got them an hour and a half after!!!!!!!!!! What happened? All luggages from 3 flights–Bangkok, HK and LA were in one same luggage counter/area whatever you call it. All mixed up! Can you just imagine???? There was total chaos. Parang palengke talaga. I’ve never seen something like it, even the few times I went to Divi, di naman ganun, I swear.

We were able to finally get all our luggages at almost 11pm na! Two hours and a half after we landed. O diba? Wouldn’t you hate them too? Hay, this is the only glitch we had with the entire trip. Sophia was such a good traveller na :) She never cried in the plane, didn’t get bored either as I brought a few new toys for her to play with. I’m such a proud proud mommy! She had her scene na lang in the PAL airport on the way back since super init and tagal naman talaga. Even the adults were cursing left and right, siya pa kaya diba? She was so sleepy already eh. Nevertheless, I know naman this is just an isolated case/incident. I just hope it won’t happen again. Hopefully they’ll be more systematic after what happened.

So, there’s our travel kwento. We had fun during this trip, as with every trip we’ve had. Nevermind na the glitch at the airport. We’re still happy. Our little girl is happy. She can’t stop talking about riding Winnie the Pooh’s hunny pot and what she saw and did at Disneyland :)

More pics at or at my multiply account.

we’re home

We are back :)

Will post kwento and pics soon. I just have to say this now though, I hate PAL airport!!!


Gawd …
I woke up with a terrible headache today. I slept for an hour and a half only last night. Jon and I came from a post birthday dinner treat at Bangus in Greenhills and had some coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with the gang. We went home at 3am! To top it off, I had a hard time getting to sleep even if I was dead tired and it was mighty late already as I was feeling hyper from all the chocolate cakes I ate, oh goodness.
Anyway, I have a lot of packing to do. We’re leaving tomorrow for HK. Sophia btw has colds, hay naku!!!

tempting ….

PAL is offering round trip tickets to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Saigon,Singapore, Taipei or Xiamen for $98 only plus taxes.

Sale starts on May 15 to 31, 2007
Flight dates June 18 to Oct 15, 2007

As I inquired, it’ll be around 7k per pax icluding taxes and whatnot. Cheap!!!

Jon and I are hoping to convince the “gang” to go para masaya, with the kids!!!

(pero pang-asar ha, we’re booked for Sing June 12-15 and regular rate kami!)

bratinella in the house

~~~Mommy squeezing Sophia’s face to open her mouth so I can brush her teeth. The little girl said, “Mommy, don’t hold my face, I will open mouth!”
Oo nga naman, why didn’t I just ask her to, diba?
~~~Yaya was trying to hold the little girl and lead her to the bathroom only to hear her say, “Don’t hold me, yaya! I will follow! Don’t touch me!
~~~While yaya was washing Sophia, the little girl would tell me, “Mommy, help please. Help me please.”
Pa-awa effect.
~~~While I was trying to clean her nose, I was slightly pushing her against the wall, she told me, “Mommy, don’t push me, okay?”
Okay, okay, sorry.
~~~Mommy asking Sophia if she wants to eat, Sophia answers, “I don’t want to. You eat, Mommy. Sophia eat later.”
Honestly, lately, I’ve been in awe how the used to be so helpless little girl can now dialogue like this. She’s just two years and two months old, for petes sake. Not that i’m complaining though. I’m just really shocked most of the time.
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