Hongkong Vacation 2006

Jon, Sophia and I just got back from our trip to HK Disneyland last Friday. It was a tiring but FUN vacation. As I previously posted, we enjoyed this trip far better than we did the first time we took Sophia out of the country. Here’s a detailed kwento of our visit to Mickey and Minnie LAND :-)

TUESDAY (May 23)

Jon and I woke up at around 4am to be in time for our 8am PAL flight to Hongkong. We immediately took our baths and at exactly 5am, I woke Sophia up and asked yaya to give her a bottle of milk first before we both get her ready. Gave Sophia a quick wash and dressed her up. By 5:30am, we were leaving the house.

Arrived at the airport at around 6:15 and met with Jon’s family. Airport procedures followed.

Had a quick bite at Delifrance while waiting for boarding. Sophia was all around the airport at this time. She enjoys walking with her dad, paikot-ikot lang and she likes it. When she got tired, we put her in her stroller na and push her nalang around.

We weren’t given bulk head seats so masikip for us since we have a baby in tow. Lesson learned: to check in early next time to assure ourselves of bulkhead seats. There were a lot of babies in the same flight so the front seats were taken already. During the flight, Sophia was crying either because of the pressure while the plane was taking off or because nasisikipan siya. Wasn’t really sure. She eventually slept through the flight and when she woke up she was so in the mood already so I was relieved.

We landed at around 10am and headed off to the coach waiting for us. Checked in at Parklane Hotel in Causeway Bay and rested the whole afternoon. We got the family room which was super nice and comfy since it’s bigger than the usual hotel rooms. Good use for Sophia who loves to roam around and walk so sulit. Sophia was exhausted since she woke up really early and wasn’t able to have a decent morning nap so bumawi ng afternoon! She slept at 4:30 pm and woke up 5:30 the next morning na! So I and Jon got a long rest too.


As soon as we woke up, we headed straight to Jon’s fave congee place and obviously, had congee for breakfast. Yummy! Sophia liked it too. The first time we were here, she was too young to eat pa. Afetr we ate, we went back to the hotel to feed Sophia milk muna so she can have her morning nap. By lunchtime, Jon bought roasted duck, yang chow fried rice, salmon sashimi, kani salad, flower salmon sashimi and our fave soya milk. We ate lang sa room while Sophia was sleeping. At around 2pm, shopping galore na!!!!!! My fave thing to do , teehee! And lucky lucky us! Sale sa SOGO!

When Sophia was cranky na, this was around 6pm, we went back to the hotel so we can all rest since it was a long and tiring day. But not for me!!! When Jon and baby were asleep, ayun ako, I went down again to do more shopping, lol. Nakailang tawag si Jon sa cellphone ko asking if I was coming back na haha. Bought dinner for us when I got back at walang natira sa money ko hihi. Bad. We still have two days at ubos na pocket money ko from Jon ;( And yeah, right after we ate dinner I packed pala since we were checking out the next morning to transfer to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel so grabe I was really super tired. The coach will pick us up at 8am daw, aga!


Woke up early to get ready and by 9am we were on our way to Hollywood Hotel already. As soon as we got there, Sophia was ecstatic! There were plenty of kids kase in the lobby and she loves kids! There were free balloons, small couches and mini tv. Kiddie atmosphere talaga and we were overjoyed seeing her laugh and laugh with all the mickey stuff she sees. She even would kiss the mickey statue over and over. Worthit ang gastos.

After checking in, we had lunch muna and headed to Disneyland! Heaven for me coz super nice view for picture taking and heaven for Sophia since she can walk and walk and walk all she wants. Since she’s too young for the rides, stroll lang kami and a little more shopping from the Disney stores. Siyempre di naman ako matiis ni Jon so extra budget for me haha! We were able to ride the train that will take you around the park and then walked na lang on our own to explore the place. Sophia eventually slept na rin since she was so pagod na walking and it was HOT. We stayed for awhile pa strolling while she was sleeping and then when we were tired na rin, we went back to the hotel na. We were supposed to come back pa for the fireworks at 8pm but we fell asleep! Boo! Yun ang major mistake namin. But I guess we were really tired na talaga so we really didn’t bother to wake up pa. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the park and the hotel and that was more than enough.

FRIDAY (May 26)

We have an afternoon flight so we weren’t in a hurry to pack this time. We requested for a late check out and we were granted naman until 3pm. We had a buffet breakfast at Chef Mickey and the food was yummy. Food for the baby is not a problem since they have cereals, oatmeals and more. Spent time touring the hotel lang, didn’t go back to Disneyland na coz we wanted to rest na din and it was hot and Sophia was enjoying playing with some kids naman sa lobby. Sayang that I didn’t bring swimsuits we could have gone swimming. Checked out at 3pm at arrived at the airport ng 4pm only to find out na delayed flight namin! Grrr! It was supposed to be at 6pm but moved to 7pm. So you guessed it right, shopping time again! Teehee!

By 6:30pm, they started boarding na and I was hoping Sophia to be sleepy already since she hasn’t slept the whole afternoon but she was not. She was still super active and walk pa rin ng walk. Until the time we boarded the plane, she wa still playing with me. We got bulkhead seats this time so di masikip. She slept eventually 30 minutes after the plane took off and until we reached home she was sleeping na. We even gave her a quick wash and she didn’t wake up, lol. Ganun siya kapagod. Jon and I made a few kwento pa while lying down before we snoozed off. We were one in saying na we’re both dead tired but enjoy and hopefully we can do it again some time soon.

Happy Birthday Mafae!

Photo was taken at Mafae Ong’s 1st Birthday Party yesterday, May 28, 2006. We had fun, thanks for inviting us! Jon and I feasted on the roast beef, yum yum!

we are back!

We are back from our HK Disneyland trip and I’m back to blogging, yahoo! Feels good to be home again after a tiring but FUN trip. I will post a detailed travel kwento soon ….

More of our Disneyland pictures here


not in the mood

Woke up with a headache today so I’m not in the mood to do any packing. We’re leaving tomorrow morning and I haven’t packed a thing yet but I better start now since traveling with a toddler means a hell lot of things to pack and bring. I just really hope Sophia gets to enjoy her visit to Mickey and Minnie :)

one lazy afternoon

One lazy afternoon at our garage, Sophia seen here enjoying her umbroller ride. She even saw an airplane pass by :)

A mom’s simple joys indeed …

what luck!

Last April 12.

My camera (old cam) ran out of battery just as I was about to take a picture of Sophia having her first haircut at a kiddie salon in Alabang Town Center. Shoot! Just when I needed it most! So here, I’ll post this instead. A certificate they gave her with an envelope that contains her hair strands. Pwede na rin …

all set

The tickets arrived today, and we’re all set. Took out our passports from the vault, and here, Sophia’s picture in it was kind of funny. Well, not really funny, but it made me laugh since she’s bald! It made me look back to the good old days (she was just 4 months old in the photo). I’m not used to seeing her this way since she’s already a grown up now and has a decent bunch of hair that I already had cut at a kiddie salon in Alabang Town Center. Anyway…
HK Disneyland, here we come!

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