One of those days …

My husband is not and has never been musically onclined. He loves listening to good music though and has recently invested in high quality speakers and top of the line entertainment system with awesome fender amp. But what irritates him is when he doesn’t get to enjoy his “me time” because when he’s home, the little boy won’t leave his side. Look …

For winter.

We’re having our yearly January trip to HK again so I got some stuff for the kids online. Well, thanks to my sister in law ;)   Here’s what will keep the kids warm …

As for me, no I’m not getting those fox fur coats no matter how much I want to because they’ll be too heavy and I am nanny to to my two kids this trip. I’ll save them for when I return to Europe, hopefully soon :)

Winning photo.

This is such a priceless photo. I was busy fixing the standsandmounts-peerless mounts on our flat screen and when I turned my back, here’s what I saw – the daddy can’t do anything but stare at his iphone being played by the little boss. Haha! Now we know who’s the real boss in the house! Winning photo, right?

recital pieces

I can’t seem to concentrate choosing for trailer hitch accessories from for my dad because I can hear Sophia practising her piece for the recital next month. See, her piano and voice lessons apparently have paid off. She’s getting real good! And I’m one proud momma :) I’m so excited for the recital especially after I got the invitation ….

Agrilink 2012

For the third time in a row now, we’ve been joining the Agrilink Exhibit at the World Trade Center. It’s a 3 day event that brings together agribusiness sectors – small and medium scale industries for the creation of market opportunities. The event is part of our yearly calendar since some three years ago. And this year, just like the years past, I have my very special visitors wearing their custom shirts of course, look!

Proud Momma

First quarter is done and some weeks ago I got hold of my daughter’s report card and what can I say? I’m one proud momma once again :) Dear daughter is gold awardee (as always) and I’m jumping up and down of course. Math is still her waterloo but she’s improving day by day. She’s slowly getting used to Singapore math. Hurray for that!

She’s getting a lalaloopsy doll again as her prize. Speaking of lalaloopsies, I am addicted as well. I love these dolls! They are so cute. Our collection is growing by the day and more dolls are coming soon. Thank you to online shopping and Amazon, haha! I was actually looking for invisible hearing aids last time but I ended up buying lalaloopsy dolls. Yes, true story ;)

And she turns 7.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my dear darling’s 7th birthday?! Whoa. What happened to me? Blogging mojo, where art thou? Well, like they say, better late than never. So here it is :)

But mind you, this will be long and loaded with photos. Read at your own risk ;p

When I was pregnant with our eldest, I’ve always wanted to have a girl. Jon, on the otherhand, wanted a boy ofcourse. So when I had Sophia, I was in heaven. I’ve always wanted to have someone to dress up with the pinkiest colors, someone to do kikay stuff with and someone who’ll fulfill my dream to be either a ballerina or a singer someday. Well, the Big Man up there gave us Sophia some seven years ago and she was all that and more. She turned our lives upside down. She was this witty and very enthusiastic little fellow who would brighten up one’s mood with her funny antics and questions. She was very inquisitive at a very young age. Wanted to know everything and has the answer to anything. She used to love Dora very much so when she was 2.5yo we took her to Movieworld (or was that Dreamworld? well, we went to both) to see the girl with the backpack and Boots. She loved it. She’d frequent HK Disneyland, Sinagpore, Guam, Bangkok with us so you can say she loved traveling. She’s all behave in plane rides. No fuss. Such a well behaved little girl. I threw her the best parties. We took mommy and baby classes together. Gymboree, Little Gym, Toddlers classes, name it. We were there. She had my full undivided attention and she deserved it. She comes home with stars, good grades, bright smiles and her teachers have nothing but the best of stories to tell about her. But more than that, hearing from other kids’ parents about their kids telling them that Sophia’s the nicest in class and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body tops everything. To me, that’s probably her greatest achievement :)

For her 7th, we threw her a grand party. This was actually our version of grand, okay? It may not be grand for some but it was to us. :)

She wanted a princess party so princess party it was. We chose One Esplanade for the venue and had Bizu cater the food for the adults and kids alike. Bizu also provided the heavenly dessert buffet. I hired Kat Dela Merced of High Five Parties as my party organizer and got Madge and Jasper to host the event. Invites were pink treasure boxes with scroll invites inside and a tape measure for the royal prince’s and princessess’ measurements. Jive was part of the entertainment and JB dela Cruz performed magic and illusion. Huge castle stage had a LCD wall in the middle that opens everytime the birthday girl comes out for a song number. She did three songs with outfit changes each. Gowns were by Veejay Floresca and Prim of Baby Fashionista. Girls were given ballskirts each upon arrival at the party and were made up like little princessess. They also had a lighted dance floor waiting for them. For side entertainment, we had 3D me, personalized puzzle, skitbooks and make your own charm bracelet. We also had Starbucks, Taters, Froyo and Jimini Pizza food carts. Cake was by Veronica of Les Sucreries, it had lighted and rotating parts. Giveaways for girls were personalized table top vanity and bookends for the boys. Party was a blast. The celebrant was happy and so were we, the parents. We’ve always planned on throwing her a special party for her 7th and that’s just what we did. I’m happy that months of preparation were well worth it.

This was going to be her last big kiddie party though. Her 8th, 9th and so on will be intimate ones, here at home mostly. Nevertheless, I’m sure they’ll be as memorable and special.

To our princess, happy 7th. Here’s to more fun adventures and learning to both of us. Cheers!

More photos here and here.

There you go. Finally blogged about the party. Now I can move forward and work on raypak heat pump referrals. This has been on my to do list for the longest time now. No more excuses. Holidays are near and schedule will be busier. Yaiks.

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